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I'm James Tuitahi 

 James, also known as "Next Level Coach," is an athlete & coach who brings his experience and lessons from the world of high-performance sports to his coaching practice. With a deep understanding of the mindset and strategies required for success, James helps individuals from all walks of life unlock their full potential and achieve their goals. Through his unique coaching approach, he guides his clients to overcome obstacles, develop a winning mindset, and take their performance to the next level. Whether you're an athlete, an entrepreneur, or a professional seeking help with getting in shape through online training & nutrition  personal growth, James is dedicated to helping you unleash your true potential and achieve extraordinary results 


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Jay Marquardt

 As a coach, James has an innate ability to emphasize with the situations I’m dealing with, and is quickly able to identify mental tools and strategies to help me move through it and get clear.  On top of that he truly cares about his clients and wants to see them get results

Adam B

 Ever since starting coaching with James, I believe that my vision has become much clearer and my goals have become more attainable because he helped me break them down into bite-sized and manageable blocks. I used to struggle with preparing myself and devoting my time to other things, but coaching has helped me stay focused and consistent in delivering results to my clients and in my business. James taught me not only to take action, but also to pull the right levers in my business to achieve the desired result and success. Thanks to James, I've learned a lot about myself, what I'm capable of, and how to apply my faith, strength, and wisdom.

I would recommend James as a great high performance physical and mindset business coach.


Before the 1st Session , I may say that I wasn't ready and hesitant .But didn't take long to open up. I really appreciate you listening , helping  me recap my past experiences and to think out of the box a little. 

Honestly, have been feeling down these past few weeks,   emotional pain & thoughts wouldnt go away, the feeling unworthiness and not reaching my full potential coz of my Vicious  cycles I get trapped in most times. 

But AFTER that 1st session ,  it gave me hope and enlightenment towards my goals. I would say, a Huge load came off my shoulders. 

Thanks Heaps bro!! 

I appreciate you brother, for  listening and gaining some  insights

Willie Baines 

Our Son Pharrell started working with James after going through a phase of self doubt and low confidence in not only Rugby League but in his general demeanour.

From his first session to now James has turned Pharrell's confidence, football and lifestyle around to the point where we as parents have seen a huge positive change.

Any parent wanting a positive role model look no further than James Tuitahi.

Will Baines

Ash Mandani

When I was working out on my own my workouts lacked Intensity and typically consisted of the same lack of exercises. This routine did not produce any significant results and I had no desire to keep pushing myself. 

James Introduced me to proper exercise mechanics and movements that helped me get visible results while staying injury free. He used a wide range of exercise that targeted my whole body and kept my workouts interesting.

End result I managed to lose 10kg over 9 Week programme.

Most importantly James has taught me 3 ways to approach my eating habits…. Reflect, Replace, and Reinforce

Sulemi Kelemete

My son Mason has been training with James for just over 3 months now to assist with his footy and during that time we have seen a massive improvement in him, in his overall fitness, awareness and mental toughness!

With work still to do he's alot more fitter with his body looking more leaner & toned with the loss of extra weight, which means his body is starting to take shape leading into his later teen years.

With this training mentality & motivation from James I'm hoping it will lead into a lifestyle he can maintain into his early adult life!


My wife and I believe that has been the result from his mental & conditioning training with James, without a doubt! 💯